What's the T?

Launching November 14th at Lux Farm and Friends' Holiday Pop-Up!!! I have dreamed of creating a green tea line for over 5 years. I was tired of walking into grocery stores hunting for a great green tea only to be disappointed. Green tea is an afterthought for most tea brands, but it is the ONLY thought for Lux Farm...thus the name green T.


We debut 3 green tea flavors this holiday at the Lux Farm Pop-Up with more amazing green tea ideas in the works! Lux Farm green T's were created using all organic and natural ingredients. 


"THE O.G."

green tea with lemongrass & mint

It's widely known how great green tea is for you. From reducing the risks of cancer, to improving brain function, to helping promote weight loss...it's amazing. But let's be honest, most green teas don't taste fantastic. The O.G., our original green, is easy to drink all day...every day. Great taste, all organic ingredients, and medium amount of caffeine.   


May improve brain function

May help prevent cardiovascular disease

Increases fat burning

Antioxidants may lower risk of some cancers

Yes, helps bad breath!

Create. Curate. Celebrate.


 by Lux Farm Iowa