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Lux Farm "Full of It" Granola! Ever since moving from Portland in 2018, I've been searching for the perfect granola. I found it! Ok, I gave up and made my own...
Full of It!" all natural granola is just that. Packed with 5 types of nuts, natural honey, olive oil, and gluten-free oats. It's the perfect balance of sweet and spice. All organic and natural ingredients that you can feel good about. Delicious!

Nonnie's Sea Salt Carmel's are the best! Delicious, vanilla caramel with a hint of sea salt. Hand packaged in a beautiful box. They are the perfect holiday gift. 

The Lux Farm "Full of It" Granola sold at the Lux Farm & Friends' Pop-Ups on November 19th and December 3rd.

Selling online soon...

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